Gerald Dial is the right man for the job
by Jim Morris
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As the election nears its time to salute those who can, has, and will support the people he represents. Gerald Dial is that person.

His past performance is proof of the outstanding quality he possesses. He is working on jobs and in his position as economic director for rural affairs for Alabama made many trips to China, Korea and other countries. He sat with the decision makers. These companies do not make quick or fast decisions and the seeds sown will bear fruit.

Personally, I have seen him solve a problem for an investor who has lots of money at stake, preparing for business that will come our way. Lots of time and effort went into this project and it was 90 percent solved.

During his military career, he rose to the rank of general and served as adjutant general for the Alabama National Guard. In more than 30 years, his devotion and dedication to the citizens is well documented. During the present time these issues of terrorism and security could not have a better of more experienced leader to support our state government involvement.

The Alabama National Guard has served our country in all wars with great distinction. The 446 Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion from Anniston and surrounding counties was among the first called in the Korean War. You have to be tough and firm to reach the rank of general or for that matter other ranks as well. Government is a hard, tough business.

In this time of great national problems our state and country need men and women who are dedicated and experienced to get our job done.
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« rjack112 wrote on Friday, Oct 08 at 06:15 AM »
Dial saw the writing on the wall when he lost the Democrat primary in the last election. He saw that the state was leaning more toward the Republican side, so he decided it would be politically expediant for him to run as a Republican. He's a career politician that will do anything, even misrepresent himself, to keep himself in the Senate. We don't need someone like that representing us in Montgomery.

Unless there is a third party or independent candidate for Senate, this election I think I will have to hold my nose and vote for Varner. At least he has the courage of his convictions and isn't trying to be something he isn't.
« YellowHammerFlicker wrote on Thursday, Oct 07 at 09:52 PM »
Say whatever you want about him Birdbrain. I know who he is. I've seen him help numerous people/businesses in East Alabama. You are wanting to criticize a man that has been a servant to his community, whether as a coach, teacher, military officer, businessman or community leader. He has spent his ENTIRE life helping others and you still just want to criticize.

You are really showing your fruit birdbrain!
« rjack112 wrote on Thursday, Oct 07 at 09:29 PM »
He's misrepresenting himself. If he will do that, how will he (mis)represent us? But I guess it's ok if a Democrat does it. Anything to get the job done, huh?
« YellowHammerFlicker wrote on Thursday, Oct 07 at 04:05 PM »
If that's what he has to do to get it done, then so be it. Gerald Dial is a good man and I say that from experience. He's the only Republican I'll be voting for.
« rjack112 wrote on Thursday, Oct 07 at 12:50 PM »
Whoever gets elected, a Democrat will still hold the seat.

Dial is running as a Republican because he thinks it will be easier for him to get elected.