Mike Rogers: People to Congress — Stop spending, tax hikes
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WASHINGTON, DC — As Congress comes back in session on the heels of a long six week district work period, Members should have fresh on their minds the concerns they heard so much about in their districts.

For East Alabamians talking to me, their concerns were about the economy, jobs and unemployment and not letting the Bush tax cuts expire.

Those concerns are shared by millions of Americans across the country. Times are tough and folks are hurting. People are scared.

Meanwhile, President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus has done nothing to stimulate our economy and the national unemployment rate sits at 9.6 percent. That marks the 16th straight month the unemployment rate has been 9 percent or more.  In most folks’ opinion, the Democratic Leadership in Congress just continues to spend out of control.

Speaker Pelosi could learn a lot from folks across East Alabama who have learned to save and budget their dwindling funds in an effort to survive these hard times.  But no, Congress has done quite the opposite, and now the government borrows almost 40 cents on each dollar it spends.

President Obama is hesitating on allowing some tax hikes to happen. However, there are growing numbers of Democrats who are joining Republicans in a bipartisan movement to oppose the President and oppose raising taxes for anyone in this economy.

What too many in the Democratic leadership fail to understand is these tax increases are just another way to hurt families and small business – the backbone of our local economy – amidst the continuing rise in unemployment and recent tax increases in the healthcare bill.

If Congress doesn’t act soon to prevent these tax increases from happening, Americans will face a massive $3.8 trillion tax increase come January 2011.

For all the rhetoric about only raising taxes on the rich, this is what could really happen. The Child Tax Credit will be slashed in half from $1000 per child to $500 per child costing 31 million families an average of $1033 a year.  The dreaded Marriage Penalty will be reinstated for those filing in the 15 percent bracket, costing 35 million married couples an average of $595 in higher taxes next year. The 10 percent bracket will be eliminated, raising the lowest bracket to 15 percent and costing 88 million taxpayers an average of $503 a year.

Small businesses struggling to get by these days, and who employ so many Alabamians, could get hit hard. Income tax rates will increase across the board. These increased rates will apply to 75 percent of all small businesses and 56 percent of all business income. And what’s even more unfair, the Death Tax will be reinstated with full fury.

This debate isn’t just about taxes and spending. It’s about a Congress out of touch with the American people. Folks are fed up and want action.

East Alabamians are concerned about the direction of our nation, and concerned about the long-term challenges of our $14 trillion national debt.

That’s why this week House Republicans offered a new governing platform, the ‘Pledge to America’. It includes concrete ideas created by real Americans and can be implemented right now if Speaker Pelosi would just allow a vote. Take a look at pledge.gop.gov.

As always, feel free to contact me at www.house.gov/mike-rogers
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« No Hope wrote on Tuesday, Oct 05 at 07:35 AM »
Tell me about it, I sent Mr Rogers an email about the new Help for unemployed workers , There were several million dollars given to alabama to help these folks, WHat i would like to know is WHat folks, Im unemployed thru no fault of my own yet i cant get help with my mortgage.. I dont qualify. So if its not helping me i could imagine there are others who dont qualify.. Who is it for. Not for me. The little people continue to suffer while our representitives eat high on the hog.
« YellowHammerFlicker wrote on Saturday, Oct 02 at 08:37 AM »
Mike Rogers is nothing but a life long politician that needs to be voted out. He's just in it for the money now. This is why there should be limits on ALL offices.
« Concerned American wrote on Friday, Oct 01 at 09:18 PM »
Mike Rogers promises to never vote for Social Security privitization on his website. He brags about his support of U.S. "nation building" efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Medicare Part D plan. He voted for TARP. Mr. Rogers is correct when he says we need to stop spending and keep taxes low, but if he is sincere then he needs to explain his support for many of the programs that make up a significant portion of the federal budget every year. You can't have your cake and eat it too!