Sound off: Bring back self-respect
by J.E. Hester
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In a few days it is going to be time to vote. So are you going to vote?

Now, look on the shoulders of the road at the fast food wrappers, Baptist tea cup containers and cartons on the shoulders and in the roads.

I guess that takes up all your time and so you are too busy to go and vote.

So all these people that are on total disability, how can they put a chain saw and tools to split fire wood after they cut it with a chain saw and take the wood and sell it, while the tax payers are paying them to be disabled?

So if you people that are paying taxes would stand up and say "no" to those dead beats and say if you are able to cut and process wood , you are able to work.

So let's look around and bring self-respect back to this county.
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