Danny Gardner: Parties need to work together
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A reader and email friend in Heber Springs wrote, “In conclusion it’s a no brainier identifying problems. It’s the resolution that counts and I think of all the mistakes we as a nation have made in the past and will continue to make in the present and future. When the two parties are united for the common good there is nothing that we cannot do. Amen and amen. HY”

HY is right, of course. It’s easy to say leftist-extremists-progressives in the Democratic Party have just continued to slap more tar on the tar baby created by DC (both parties) over the years. The solution to problems caused by big government is not more government.

Charges that Republicans are the Party of ‘no’ have been dismissed by all but the most extreme leftwing ideologues as voters examine GOP ideas for curbing spending and correcting huge problems in Obamacare, financial reform, bailouts, and stimulus.

I didn’t vote for John McCain in 2008. I voted against Barack Obama. I knew if Democrats were unencumbered by an opposition party, they would pass sweeping extremist ideological legislation and we’d be in even worse shape than we were in the fall of 2008. That prediction wasn’t difficult at all.

Are we worse off than we were in the fall of 2008? Absolutely! Those on the ideological left can only claim we would have been in even worse shape. Really? Can’t prove a negative or speculations and suppositions.

So, while Democrats have enjoyed unrivaled power in DC the past two years, conservative independents have had no choice but to swing the pendulum back toward the right. Frankly, independents don’t like either party. That’s why we’re independents.

In essence, the only ‘solution’ during the past two years has been to STOP DC spending, growing, and generally mucking up all areas they’ve messed in.

If conservatives gain power in 2010 elections, independents hope they will act responsibly and begin undoing all the mess of the past 42 years. Shut down Freddie and Fannie. Repeal Community Reinvestment Act. Repeal 60,000+ pages of the U.S. tax code, and replace it with a readable and reasonable tax structure for all Americans. Repeal Obamacare.

Housing, mortgages, and foreclosures are headlining boondoggles this week. As of this writing, Nancy Pelosi is threatening to stop all foreclosures so she can launch another investigation into causes of problems in these areas. Great! Tell those who hold mortgages they couldn’t afford in the first place to relax. They don’t have to worry about paying anything. Just sit tight and let Uncle Sam investigate.

Meanwhile, banks and their shareholders are losing hundreds of billions of dollars each month to ill-gotten mortgages.

Solution? Dethrone Nancy Pelosi!

I agree with HY: “When the two parties are united for the common good there is nothing that we cannot do.” That’s a solution worth pursuing. Obama campaigned on it, but has transparently fought any semblance of bi-partisanship. Maybe voters can force the two parties to marry and conceive real solutions. We’ll see.

Daniel L. Gardner is a syndicated columnist who lives in Starkville, MS. You may contact him at , or interact with him on the Clarion-Ledger feature blog site http://www.clarionledger.com/section/blogs06
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