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Hello, My name is Kathryn Ritz and this event was created by me in order to obtain justice in the murder of my 14 month old son Ethan Russel Allison. Ethan is the grandson of Bill Ritz, the former principal of Cleburne Christian Academy, and his wife Sue, who was a teacher at CCA as well. I have included part of Ethan's story which was originally from a story in the Durant Daily Democrat. Please help me get this story around and get justice for my son. Marin Clay Allison, 23, was charged Friday with first-degree murder-child abuse for the death of his son, Ethan Allison, who died May 22 at Children’s Medical Hospital in Dallas. He later admitted that Ethan’s injury was not from an accidental fall, the affidavit states. Mr. Allison said that after coming back to Durant on May 20, he, himself, became ill, and that Ethan would run in and out of the bathroom attempting to get him to play. Allison, the affidavit states said he became frustrated, so he grabbed Ethan by his clothes and pulled him off his feet. Allison described how the boy’s head then hit the tile floor with a lot of force and made a loud impact. The alleged incident happened at about 9 p.m. that evening, and according to the affidavit, Allison said Ethan was unresponsive about 10 minutes later, although he was still breathing. Allison said he stayed up most of the night researching head injuries on the Internet, and at approximately 5:45 the following morning, he dialed 911 after Ethan stopped breathing. A doctor at Children’s Hospital completed an affidavit that states Ethan died of a severe and acute traumatic brain injury, according to Marcy’s affidavit, and the injuries were consistent with child abuse. The whole story can be found at: http://durantdemocrat.com/view/full_story/19088204/article-Man-charged-with-murder-for-death-of-infant-son?

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